prevention and self-rehabilitation

The Alexander Technique is simple, practical, mindful  and non-manipulative practice developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955). It is a technique learned through touch and is a gentle though powerful, multi-faceted tool for both beginners and advanced students.

In Israel, most Alexander students initially come to learn the Technique in order to deal with various difficulties and pain: neck and back pain, slipped discs, joint pain, migraines, respiratory problems, blood pressure problems, chronic fatigue, ADD, stress, lack of focus, anxiety, etc.

I came to the Technique hunched and depressed, suffering from two slipped discs and failed back surgery. On the brink of further surgery, I encountered the Technique and applied it to restore my quality of life. Along the way, I met students who used it for prevention as well as self-rehabilitation in situations ranging from the relatively easy to the most difficult.

It is important to emphasize that while the Technique has significant impact on the health of both body and mind, it is not a medical technique. The Alexander Teacher neither provides a medical diagnosis nor directly attempts to treat specific symptoms of any kind. On the contrary, what is unique about this practice is that it is based specifically on perceiving and sensing the person as a whole and teaching him or her how to sense and guide themselves in the same way. (For these reasons, too, the basic teacher training course, a minimum of three years, is the most challenging and exciting training I have ever experienced).

In addition, despite its power, the Technique does not pretend to offer instant solutions. The opposite, the Technique is a process-based practice that is rooted in patient learning. However, surprisingly – or not, it is this indirect, patient, holistic approach to a person’s whole being that in time brings about a gradual reduction, even disappearance of specific symptoms that are particularly stubborn and very difficult to change directly.

Essentially the Alexander Technique is an educational method. Many people turn to the Technique as a “last resort” after trying a variety of conventional and alternative treatments with the possible assumption that such treatments are an easier, quicker way to deal with problems than learning. However, students of the Technique discover that, as elsewhere in life, learning and prevention are often the most effective remedy and, in the long run, most beneficial in easing symptoms and improving well being – not to mention the sheer pleasure of a learning process based on free choice.