a tool for life

The Alexander Technique does not necessarily deal with pain or difficulties alone; nor is it intended only for enhancing performance; and although it has essential intellectual and emotional dimensions, it is first and foremost a practical technique that is relevant to any aspect of life. It helps women during pregnancy and birth, soldiers who have to carry heavy equipment for long distances, students who have to focus on their studies, and it helps young and older people who are active in sports or hard labor to do so with greater ease and without injury.  It is a technique that helps you lift heavy bags, work in the garden without straining the back, and attend overseas business meetings fresh and alert after a long flight. It simply makes life more comfortable.

People who have become used to seeing their body as a source of heaviness and pain re-discover it through the Technique as a source of lightness, interest and enjoyment. Many people also say that learning the Technique is the best long-term investment they have made in themselves and their immediate environment.

renewed strength

Naturally, everyone is faced with occasional crises in life.  The Technique is a simple tool that reveals inner strength to help us cope with dignity during physical and mental crises alike, turning them into crises that build backbone and allow us to emerge reinforced for new beginnings.

direction and balance

The Alexander Technique deals with the improvement and fine tuning of one’s inner direction and balance. Over time, one discovers that it serves as a useful tool, an inner compass, concrete and abstract alike, for the improvement of direction and balance in life as a whole; for the more accurate our inner direction and balance, the more naturally and accurately we express direction and balance in our lives. After all, what is the source of direction in one’s life if not the self and how can one develop and realize one’s natural potential without direction and balance?

new communication

As a student develops in his learning of the Technique, he discovers that it is also an unusual form of communication. It allows him or her to establish an exciting breakthrough in communication with himself, his loved ones and the world in a way that few experience.

exploring and developing the self

The Technique is an in-depth tool for exploring and developing the self. It clarifies concepts like freedom, wellbeing, comfort, presence, self-realization and, perhaps most important of all, quality of life. It stimulates creativity, inspires and refreshes thinking, feeling and being. Over time, one discovers more and more surprising, touching layers and it is simply endlessly fascinating.

"Did you ever feel," he asked, "as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out? Some sort of extra power that you aren't using – you know, like all the water that goes down the falls instead of through the turbines?"

Aldous Huxley, Alexander’s student, from “Brave New World”.