There are two other important characteristics of the Technique as I see it:

Firstly, optimism. The Alexander Technique is optimistic, based on true belief in a person, and it focuses on the cup that is half full. This is not unfounded optimism of the everything-will-be-all-right kind, but optimism based on principle and experience, whereby as the student progresses in his learning, he gradually understands the simple reason for why it works, simply sensing that it does.  Thus, a rational belief in oneself and optimism naturally forms. This is a sober optimism that is free of illusion, open-eyed and clear thinking. Growth and development naturally begin with the feet being well and truly planted in the ground.

The Alexander Technique is also patient and forgiving for the simple reason that the more the student advances in the learning process, the more he notices that development depends on the ability to be patient both with himself and the process, forgiving the abundance of inevitable mistakes and human weaknesses involved in the willingness and courage to change. Naturally, the more patient and forgiving of himself the student becomes the more patient and forgiving he is towards others, for our attitude to our environment is a reflection of our attitude to ourselves.

As with any process, learning the Technique is not always easy, there are ups and downs, and doubts; but, no matter how difficult or good the human condition, the Technique will present one with a fascinating and surprising journey of development, overcoming obstacles, breaking through barriers towards the realization of one’s unlimited potential.

When guidance by conscious control and reason supersedes guidance by instinct, we shall be able to develop our potentialities to the full.

Frederick Matthias Alexander