the use of the self

My name is Oren Epstein. I give private lessons in the Alexander Technique at my practice in Tel Aviv. I graduated from The Tel Aviv School for the Alexander Technique, Director: Shaike Hermelin, I have trained since 2001 with Shaike Hermelin, Or Shahar and Shmuel Nelken and am a member of the Israeli Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (ISTAT).

In addition, I am a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Law Faculty and practiced law both in Israel and abroad until chronic back pain took me in a new direction.

In retrospect, this was one of the first simple lessons I learned with the Technique – pain can be unbearable but it is not an enemy. It signals the need for change. However, even when we identify the need for change, and even when we choose not to ignore it (and these are not easy tasks), the question arises: What in fact should we change?

The Alexander Technique is an experiential method of learning that can teach us, in the jargon of the Technique, to change the use of the self – it is not so much “what we do” but rather “how we do it”. According to the Technique, for better or worse our functioning naturally stems from the way in which we use ourselves, a way that accompanies all our actions. If we pay attention to how we use ourselves, we can learn how to improve this use and, therefore, our functioning.

Use Affects Functioning

Wilfred Barlow MD, Alexander Technique teacher